What Qualities Should You Look for in a Business Coach?

Empathy is an essential skill for any business coach. It allows them to understand their client's point of view and emotions, which is necessary for effective counseling. Research from the Center for Creative Leadership has shown that managers who demonstrate empathy receive higher performance evaluations than those who don't. Productivity is another important quality for a business coach to possess.

They should be able to help their clients increase their productivity through consistent daily efforts. This could involve making company meetings more efficient by setting clear objectives, starting and ending on time, and keeping employees focused. To find the right business coach, you should look for someone who is professionally trained and certified. You can also read reviews of potential coaches or listen to podcasts created by experienced business advisors.

To detect if a coach has motivational talents, observe whether employees feel more motivated after interacting with them. Becoming an ICF accredited coach will provide a basic summary of the key characteristics that a business coach should possess.

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