Scaling Your Coaching Business: 3 Accelerators to Reach 1 Million Dollars a Year

The first step to scaling your coaching business is to decide on your model. To accelerate your coaching business, you can use Unpack Your IP, which stands for intellectual property. This is the content that comes out of your head. The next step is to fill your funnel and increase your authority, so it's easier to sell to the people you have.

The more authority work you do, the easier sales will be. The second conversion engine to grow your coaching business to one million dollars a year is selling through webinars. This is an advanced strategy that I talk about in detail in the linked post. Many coaches and recruiters underestimate the value of collecting email addresses. All of the training program strategies mentioned above are not mutually exclusive. To solve the problem of low scale, you can try hiring other trainers to work one-on-one with your clients.

Incorporating health monitoring applications into your model can be excellent to help you better understand where to invest your time. This provides a new dimension to your training that can be structured as a premium offer or as a simple way to launch a low-impact digital offer for a larger population. The goal is to use automated processes to help eliminate people who won't be great at advising clients, so you can quickly find those who will. A more scalable coaching approach is to create as many individual coaching opportunities as possible. This is the classic model of a coaching company where you hire several coaches to hire different clients and you keep a portion of the profits as an owner. When you're at the beginning of your coaching journey, you might spend most of your time looking for clients and not that much time actually training.

To make sure that you are able to scale up your coaching business, there are three accelerators that you should consider: filling your funnel, building authority, and installing automation. Filling your funnel means getting leads and increasing your authority so that it's easier to sell to the people you have. Building authority and becoming a key player in space is also important. You can do this by creating landing pages that help potential clients understand your coaching method and allow them to decide if it's the right one for them. Installing automation is also essential for scaling up your coaching business. Automation helps eliminate people who won't be great at advising clients, so you can quickly find those who will.

Automation also helps reduce the amount of money you can earn and the income you can earn from your training business. By using these three accelerators, you can make sure that your coaching business is scalable and successful. Filling your funnel, building authority, and installing automation are all essential steps in scaling up your coaching business and reaching one million dollars a year.

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